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EFI платформа за опаковки на Поликарт

За момента ERP системата EFI Radius е достъпна само на Английски език, тъй като все още няма версия на Български, моля да ни извините за неудобството. Описание и информация за регистрация: 

The estimation system we use at Polycart, EFI Radius is the industry leading, fully integrated ERP/MIS system developed to manage the unique business information management needs of packaging and printing companies worldwide.

With a couple of decades of industry experience and development in the field of ERP/MIS, EFI Radius is a complex and stable, highly evolved enterprise software package encompassing process management from sales estimating and quotation management through to payment and order tracking. It incorporates industry leading best practices as well as lean manufacturing principles that significantly increase efficiency and at the same time providing real time information.

EFI Radius ERP/MIS software is flexible, highly scalable and developed to address the needs of organizations operating in multi-site, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-product environments. It has been specifically designed to address the specialized processes involved in paper, plastic and cardboard packaging, labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging.

EFI Radius is a proven ERP/MIS software solution used by our company that can deliver benefits to both parties. Significant continued investment in the product ensures that it remains the leader in capabilities while being founded on the most current, proven, open technology available.

By providing up-to-the-minute business intelligence within single plant, multi-plant or global operations, EFI Radius has helped us offer the most competitive prices in the industry, additionally to gaining access to critical information for the business decisions and join the ranks of industry models.